Introducing AP Studio

AP Studio is an Android IDE

AP Studio is a well featured Android IDE built on modern open-source technologies. Its ultimate goal is to enable faster and easier development for Android. For this purpose we offer tools for various aspects of your app - coding and design. To eventually bring low-code or no-code development environment for certain kind of apps or UX.

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For a limited online version of some of the tools lean about AP Studio Online:

AP Studio Online comprises a set of tools helping Android developers build better apps and debug or understand them better

AP Studio is a collection of tools which will help you build your app. With purely development tools like Layers or generic UI/UX tools like our Icon Creator you will have easier time building your product.

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Master the hierarchy

Thoroughly inspect your view hierarchy in 2D or 3D and change view properties in real time...

Now you can debug complex view hierarchies and change several different view properties in real time - either to fix a layout issue or work with your designers on better UI/UX.

3.. 2.. 1.. Launch!

Create launcher icons for your apps

Combine an unlimited amount of backgrounds and foregrounds to create the perfect icon for your app. Choose among multiple styles to give it a PRO look.

Sharp at any size!

The easiest way to create 9-patch images for your projects

The ultimate tool to construct those 9-patch images you need or have your designers do that, because now it's easy.

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